Praying Over Envelopes

imageWe spent some quality time at our local post office this morning sending out our adoption applications and profiles to five different agencies across the U.S. We prayed over each one and asked for God’s guidance to help these envelopes connect us with our newest little family member. Now we will wait for a call with a potential birth mom and her situation including the baby’s due date, family medical history, and financial needs. We still covet your prayers as we will be faced with very important decisions in the upcoming months. We promise to keep you updated on our progress! We are thankful for the outpouring of love and support from you all! This child is already so blessed because of YOU!

These cheeseballs helped with the envelopes at the post office. They are a bit excited to have a new sibling to walk through life with! Eden wants to name the baby “Cherry” (it changes every week) and West will name it “Spiderman”. No true gender preferences there! 😉



5 thoughts on “Praying Over Envelopes

    1. Thanks Karen! I remember chatting with you about this a long time ago! We would LOVE to visit you in Arizona! There was an agency out there on our list, I’m unsure what part of the state it was. I will keep you posted if something comes up! It would be great to see you and Jeff and watch the kiddos play (especially Emme and Eden – trouble!). XO


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