Faith Bigger than Our Fears

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23


Please pray for us! We decided to present our profile to a birth mother in Florida this week. She is meeting with the attorney and social worker on Monday. We are torn, having mixed feelings of  “oh, I hope she likes us!” but bracing ourselves, afraid of  the chance that she might not. It needs to be every bit as much the right decision for her as it is for us, and we whole-heartedly trust that whatever the outcome, it is meant to be, accordingly to God’s plan. We are resting in His provision and perfect purpose for our family. We know our baby is out there, and if it isn’t this birth mom’s child, we will just add her name to our list of the other mothers we are praying for. We realize this could happen 20 more times before we find the right situation, and even when we are matched, the birth mother can change her mind 24 hours after the baby is born. Nothing is certain except for God and his faithfulness, and we are so thankful for that!

The funny thing is, her due date is soon and the gender is known, which is such a foreign concept for us because both Eden and Weston were surprises! I can’t help myself and have been dreaming of names, and clothes, and all of that insignificant stuff. One step at a time! (Although I totally “get” how great it is to know the sex – I mean, the mere possibility of the known in this case has been SO fun).

Please pray for peace in the decision whatever it ends up being. We will keep you posted!

Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Faith Bigger than Our Fears

  1. I am so grateful for the joy and privilege of walking with you through this process!! My mind often goes back to that evening, sitting at a picnic table, listening to you share how God had been speaking to you and calling you toward this time!!! It is really hard to be carried along knowing that anything can change in a moment! The raw emotions of excitement and reserve dance back and forth. Waiting is a discipline that God teaches us through these times. It must be learned. Somehow, it seems you have already been in a waiting room before…you have an extra measure of grace to walk here! Love you so much!


  2. Hi Murrays! just reading this now, with my morning coffee, and “Welcome to our World” by Chris Rice is playing. No matter the decision made by this mother, a sweet, precious life is coming into the world, and I”m praying for God’s love to be magnified in the world through this life! I’ll be lifting you up to our Father and am so tickled to follow your progress, AND your faithful footsteps! With love to you in our Savior, amy


  3. Kara- I hope you don’t mind that Karen shared your blog with me. I am so happy to see everything is moving in the right direction for your family. Our thoughts are with you during this amazing journey!


    1. Hi Debhinn! Of course we don’t mind – you and Avery were a part of our research and getting to this point! Your family is an inspiration for us! We are praying for you and YOUR family too on your newest journey!


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