The Beginning of the End

We got a GREAT phone call today! Our birth mom’s mother called to say that they were on their way to the hospital because she was having contractions! Ecstatic and nervous, I phoned Hayes and told him that this could be “it” and then sat at my desk at work waiting for her to call back, as she promised to once they heard more news from the doctor.

About an hour later (it felt like ten days) she called to say that the contractions are too far apart to be admitted, but that this was “the beginning of the end” and they sent the poor girl home.

Would you pray with us?

1. Please pray for our birth mom, for strength and safety.
2. Please pray for the baby and his health.
3. Please pray for us as we run around making final preparations.

This could take a few hours or a few days, and although we are as ready as we ever will be, and God has given us so much peace in the moment (one of my friends on the phone was totally freaked out: “Kara, you are so calm.”) Imagine? Me? Calm!!! God is good.

We will keep you posted!

With Much Love and Anticipation,
Hayes, Kara, Eden, and Wes


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