Nesting and Channeling My Inner Martha

We have been having a lot of fun this week getting used to the idea of our new family – two boys and a girl!!! What is so interesting, is that it’s the same family dynamic that Hayes and I both grew up with – needless to say a boy majority is something we are accustomed to. However, Eden reigned as queen for four years and we have acquired quite a bit of “pink” in that time and feel like we need to make a few adjustments to her room as she and Wes will need to share her room. This predicament is one of the reasons why we wanted to move (to see God’s plan for our move click here). I knew God would provide.  We collected a few items and artwork from her room that were anything but gender neutral, made some money on a local online Facebook swapping page – $45 BAM! We were on our way!

First of all, I am NOT one of those Martha Stewart types that just KNOWS how to sew and paint. My mom taught me how to do those things when I was little, but never for more than just an occasional craft time with friends. Now that I am an adult, and a mother, and pay my own bills (who am I kidding? Hayes pays the bills) I have learned just how cost-effective it can be to DIY (Do It Yourself).


First, we had to move Westy’s sleeping place from the “nursery” into the bottom bunk in Eden’s room. We only have two months to get ready for the baby, and certainly don’t want too much more time to go by before we make this very important transition. We would never want Wes to feel replaced or resentful toward his new best friend baby brother for taking over his room. However, I couldn’t just say, “Here ya go West – sleep here in Eden’s bed.” We wanted to make him feel special, like it was his room too.

So, Eden and I made a plan to raid Osgood’s,  imagean over-whelming discount fabric store in town, and came up with a plan that she was comfortable living with: the pink curtains and flowered duvet covers had to go.  I can make duvet covers and curtains! How hard can it be? I’ve made pillows – so clearly I can make a large pillow (duvet) and a one-sided pillow (curtain). I spent some time getting inspired on the Pottery Barn Kid’s website, and educated myself a bit on Pinterest and brought my dimensions to an incredibly understanding and helpful woman with green hair (Big-Eyed Eden: “Mommy, that girl has green hair”) and large gauge earrings (Big-Eyed Eden: “Mommy that girl has HOLES in her ears”. They were actually the most beautiful opal ringed gauges I had ever seen, so as far as “HOLES in your ears” go, these were the most beautiful kind). Eden shopped around and decided she was open to blues and a peacock print that caught her eye – I can work with that!


My nesting instincts were in high-gear (remember the last two times this happened, I had 9 months to get our house into shape – and now I only have 2!) and with Hayes gone working every spare minute of his life when he isn’t sleeping or shoveling, I recruited Eden for some help. Handing me pin needles? “Sure Mom!” Ironing? “No problem!” I know it sounds kind of dangerous, but she followed my instructions quite well with no sticks or burns. She was BEAMING and I could see her confidence growing. I’m proud of my big girl. She even took that picture of me sewing – the baby isn’t here yet and she already seems SO much older lately.

Here’s the result! For a fraction of the Pottery Barn price tag. I’m pretty sure Hayes loves me more now – I mean, not because of my skillwork (don’t look too closely) but because of my money-saving skillzzz. Eventually this will be “the boys” room – CRAZY – and Eden will be a few years older and we can help her decorate her own room then.



Not bad right? I mean, the curtains actually came out kind of straight! We will add a few personalized touches – maybe some painted initials on one wall and a banner made from the remnant material I have leftover. But for now, Westy is so excited, which was the point completely. He keeps opening and closing his new drawers with his things in them – giggling because Eden’s clothes used to be there! This is him pretending to fall into his airplane pillow. It’s hard NOT to get him in an action shot these days!

imageAnd now on to the baby’s room! I see a lot of sorting old baby boy clothes in my future, and a lot of laundry. But how cute do little onesies look all folded up neatly in a drawer? I’m kind of looking forward to organizing that part of it. And now that my confidence is up, I feel like I can do anything – how about reupholstering the chair? No problem!! Stay tuned. It’s getting real Martha, it’s getting REAL.

Westy and creepy Spider-Man enjoying their new digs!

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