Worth It

It is our last night in this magical place. Big kids asleep, sun setting, wine in hand, perfect tiny baby snuggled in my lap while watching Hayes cast the last of his fishing line into the warm Atlantic. God saw this moment two years ago when I was awakened with that burden to adopt on my heart. He saw it when He nudged us along in our journey of faith, reminding us that it is always worth it when we trust in Him. Tears can’t help but flow. Oh, how He loves us so.


Tomorrow we fly back to reality. New baby. New challenges. This has been quite the adventure. I am thankful for the miracle of life, and for God’s perfect provision. Dear God, help us never to forget this feeling of being in Your will. Help us to continue to put Your desires for us ahead of our own, and to remember that we will never be forsaken when we trust in Your promises. This. THIS. This was so worth it.


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